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Weihai fu sheng foods co., LTD is a wholly foreign owned enterprise, is located in beautiful scenery and pleasant climate of weihai city of shandong province, the geographical position is superior, 50 km from major. Product transportation provides favorable conditions for the company. Founded in June 1998 in weihai city, shandong province covers an area of 14000 ㎡, fresh reserves of 5000 tons, with fixed assets of more than 1300, existing staff more than 60 people, mainly engaged in fruits, vegetables, planting, processing and export, has 1000 hectares of fruit and vegetable base, 50 hectares of new varieties demonstration garden and modern processing plant. To be engaged in fruit cultivation, acquisition, processing, sales, such as a group of professional and technical personnel, is a bigger store of jiaodong peninsula, processing and export in a body's comprehensive company. Main products are: shandong Fuji apple, pear, crystal pear, red earth grape, Thompson seedless grapes, and newly introduced from abroad, cloth LangLi, Ukraine cherry peach quality fruit, as well as a variety of fresh, salted vegetables. Products each year a large number of exported to Japan, southeast Asia, the Middle East and Europe and the United States market is well received by the customers and consumers.


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